Shop our  range of high quality Locksmith Tools such as drill bits, key extractor sets and cylinder tools. Please note that only verified locksmiths can purchase these items. Once verified we have some fantastic trade discounts, its easy to apply and we can set you up in minutes. Apply for a trade discount here. We also have a team of friendly, expert staff who can help with choosing, measuring or fitting any of our products. Visit our technical help page to find the different ways of contacting us with any query.

Locksmith Tools

Mica Card

£7.20 inc. VAT

Locksmith Tools

Locksmiths TCT Drill Bits

From: £12.71

Locksmith Tools

Air Wedge

£24.00 inc. VAT

Locksmith Tools

GT-85 Maintenance Spray

£4.80 inc. VAT
£8.70 inc. VAT
£42.00 inc. VAT

Locksmith Tools

Graphite Powder Puffer

£7.80 inc. VAT
£18.00 inc. VAT
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