Ultion WXM 3 Star Plus Thumbturn Cylinder

Unbeaten in every test, the Ultion lock has been accredited with the highest British Standard 3 Star Rating and is a Sold Secure Diamond approved cylinder after passing MLA tests.

  • TS007 3 Star Rating
  • Ultimate protection against lock drilling, lock bumping and lock picking
  • The most snap resistant cylinder lock
  • Now With Xtra Molybdenum making it harder to attack with a drill and stronger for longer
  • Self cleaning
  • Thumbturn on inside of cylinder requiring no key to open
  • Available in Standard, Polished Brass or Polished Chrome finishes
  • Available Keyed to Differ or Keyed Alike **
  • Supplied with 3 Keys, extra keys are available

When ordering the first number is the internal measurement followed by the external. For instance 35/45 would mean 35mm on the internal side and 45mm on the external side of the cylinder.

**Keyed to differ means each lock will come with its own key and you will not be able to use this key for any other lock. Therefore if you have a front and back door keyed to differ, they will each need a separate key. Keyed alike on the other hand means one key fits all locks. For example your front and back door locks can both use the same key, reducing the need to carry lots of different keys around.

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