APECS AP 3 Star Thumbturn Cylinder


The APECS AP Thumbturn Cylinder is a BSI 3 Star Kitemark, Sold Secure Diamond Standard Cylinder which offers maximum protection.

  • Double locking mechanism with additional track rail pins
  • Operable from inside when lock is tampered with externally
  • Anti-pick: 4 pins on each side
  • Anti-bump: double locking mechanism with track rail pins in combination with a unique shallow chamber
  • Anti-drill: 1 pin on each side
  • Snap-secure sacrificial point
  • Restricted key profile
  • 10-year guarantee
  • 5-year snap-secure guarantee
  • Available in Brushed Brass or Brushed Satin Nickel Finishes
  • Keyed to Differ or Keyed Alike options available
  • Supplied with 5 keys

As a standard, locks are provided keyed to differ and this means that each lock will require a different key to open it. We also provide the option of buying cylinders which are keyed alike. With keyed alike cylinders, this means you can have multiple locks where the same key will open all of them. Having keyed alike cylinders is especially useful if you want to have the same key to open your front and back doors at home, or multiple doors within your work place. With keyed alike locks, you no longer need to carry around a whole bunch of different keys.

Keyed alike orders will be provided with 5 keys in total regardless of how many cylinders you order. Please allow two extra days for keyed alike orders to be processed.

Please note: It is important to check which is the internal and which is the external measurement when purchasing a new cylinder lock.

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